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What We Can Do For You

We love making creative and original content here at MonoMyth; and we specialize in doing that for you. Whether it is a personal photoshoot, or a thirty second advertisement to boost business, let our team give you something unique and personal; and at a value that you won't find anywhere else.

Product Photography

You've got hot products, and we've got hot shots. Let us do your products justice with crisp, professional photos that will make your website and social page the envy of town.


Don't let your ad blend in to the rest of the local ads that come across your consumers screens. Get a unique add that will jump off the screen.

Special Projects

Special Projects

Watch Now

Special Projects

Anniversary, new location, grand opening? Let us help you spread the word and tell your unique story to the region.

Personal Shoots

Everyone loves a good set of photos to mark significant events. Let us provide those for you so that you can remember the important moments for years to come.


For Athletes

It's a competitive world out there, no where more than the athletic world. Let us document your greatest moments and build your personal brand so you can effectively market yourself to the next level.

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